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There is more to the Indian taste than food

Both early and the contemporary history has it that India is so much more than just its landmass and people. The nation which is so diverse has witnessed the evolution of culture and tradition in some very unique ways. Its royal heritage is simply not confined to the material artefacts but also the immaterial values and practices which are symbolic of kindness, courtesy, delight and care.

Spices and other ingredients of Indian origin add such magic to food that taste buds find it difficult to forget what they have had.Yet the Flavour of India cannot be completeonly by the Indian food. So we add to it the flavour of hospitality, warmth, vitality and every other value which is Indian in its very essence.

We’re Family!

The Indian scriptures and beliefs advocate that the whole world is one family. On the same lines, whenever someone chooses to dine at the Flavour of India , he or she is like a family member to us.

It is one reason we do not stress out on delivery or take away during the regular days. We want our family members to come meet us often, even if it is simply for dining.  

Guests are God!

Family members or others we don’t get to meet frequently become our guests when they finally do arrive. In the Indian tradition, ‘guests are gods’ or they’re treated like Gods; every attempt is made to fulfill their wishes while their comfort is well taken care off.

So as we welcome our diners with warmth and hospitality, they are allowed to choose or leave out certain ingredients for their food. Not only this, but they also get to decide how their meal should be cooked. 

Eat together, food tastes better!

‘A family that eats together stays together’ is true perhaps for people from every part of the world. Yet in India, it is especially encouraged to do even the little things together as a family. As much as we realize it is important to spend some ‘alone time’, we encourage people to eat with their families.

While it may not look like it but the food tastes much better when you have someone to share it with.

Serving is avirtue like no other!

Indian culture inspires one to contribute to his or her own community. Preparing food and serving it to people is considered to be one of the biggest virtues. We not only have the pleasure to serve food to people but also to host them as our dining guests.

We intend to continue our service while getting a little better at it with each passing day!