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True Indian Taste in Your Plate!


Belonging to a larger than life legacy

India has had a regal tradition of rich spices and well-crafted thoughtful ways of preparing meals.As welcoming and hospitable as they have been, Indian ways have traveled equally far and wide. Flavour of India in the streets of Cologne is one of those many forms in which the Indian culture and food have their presence in Germany.


Taking over and making it better

Flavour of India is a food legacy which was almost a decade old when it was taken over by Mr. Manjot Singh in 2019. Since then its cuisines, crockery, look and feel have been enhanced such that the restaurant is now an epitome of the royal Indian heritage.The restaurant’s setup is very telling of its grandeur with a seating capacity of around 150 people spread across 200 sq. meter.


Guests are Gods!

The fact that make Flavour of India stand apart is that customers are welcomed like guests are welcomed in an Indian family. It regards the customers so much so that besides deciding what to eat, they also have a say about a few ingredients and how their food should be prepared. Be it a vegan or a non-vegetarian who eats only halal, there is absolutely no reason to worry for anyone. Everyone is valued and warmly invited to dine in. They may choose to relish the taste of their food at the front, inside or in the backyard.


Authentic Indian taste

People from all across the world have been traveling to India for its satiating and lip-smacking spices for centuries. Following in their footsteps, Flavour of India completes its quest for the authentic Indian taste a number of times each month. All the spices used are brought not from the local market but especially from India. It just never shies away from delivering on its promise to serve: ‘True Indian Taste in Your Plate’.


Promise of more…

India is such a vast and diverse nation that it cannot be contained in a restaurant or served in a platter. So the Flavour of India simply keeps thriving to bring home as much as possible: hygienic and healthy food, ethnic theme, aesthetically pleasing serving dishes, thoroughly cooked meals, Indian look and feel, user-friendly staff and a lot more. 

Yet there is more the Flavour of India promises to its family which includes all consumers and also the other stakeholders: “it is that the restaurant and the owners will never stop or settle for anything less; they will always bring to their family the best Indian food possible and serve it in even better ways!”