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What we serve?

Authenticity, ambience, love and care besides food

At the Flavour of India , we bring to your table the true Indian taste which includes not just the Indian food but also the essence of India’s culture, tradition, values and heritage. Our food is prepared with love and care is complimented by the ambience of the restaurant as well as the good-natured staff.

We serve you with warmth while you’re free to choose for yourself: if you want to eat inside or at the backyard, whether you want to consume a vegan diet, whether top eat the usual non-vegetarian food or the halal meat, if you like for your food when it’s spicy etc.

We serve you with places to eat!

At the Flavour of India , there are a number of ambiences you can choose from; you may relish your food on the front porch, inside the restaurant or in the backyard. It allows to serve not just hygienic Indian food but also India’s look and feel.

We bring to you the taste of authentic Indian spices!

Food served at the Flavour of India is made using spices imported from India which has been long known as the ‘land of magical and lip-smacking spices’.We bring home this magic and put it in our dishes so that our samosas, cholepuri, shahi paneer etc. pleasure your taste buds and satiate your hunger like no other.

We put in your food, love and care!

The keyof making the tastiest Indian food is cooking it with a positive vibe, love and care. We put all these secret ingredients whole-heartedly and thus our chicken curry, vegetable biryani etc. make our customers fall in love. They often say our cuisines are like no other in town!

We let you choose!

While you dine with us, your comfort and satisfaction are some of our top priorities as customers are our valued guests.Besides in the Indian culture, ‘guests are gods’ so they must be welcomed with warmth and hospitality.So at the Flavour of India , we cook our food according to your choices; less oil, more spices, crispy etc.