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Flavour of India-Best Indian Restaurant in Cologne - Germany

True Indian Taste in Your Plate!

We warmly welcome you to our restaurant Flavour of India. Every dish is freshly prepared at Flavour of India. We attach great importance to healthy, light and nutrition-conscious cuisine. Fresh herbs and a variety of organic, pure spices are part of it. We do not use flavor enhancers at all.

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Flavour of India-Best Indian Restaurant in Cologne - Germany


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About Flavour of India

Flavour of India

Heritage, Culture, Tradition, Spices…

There is more to the Indian taste than food

Indian culture inspires one to contribute to his or her own community. Preparing food and serving it to people is considered to be one of the biggest virtues. We not only have the pleasure to serve food to people but also to host them as our dining guests. We intend to continue our service while getting a little better at it with each passing day!

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